Merging two leaders to advance global health

The merger of Upjohn, a division of Pfizer, and Mylan, a leading drug manufacturer, resulted in one of the largest generics companies on the globe – Viatris. Recognizing the responsibility that comes with their scale – especially in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic – we were tapped to build a brand that reflected their commitment to three core goals: expanding access to medicines, leading by innovating to meet patient needs, and being a trusted partner for the healthcare community worldwide.

We strove to push beyond the pharmaceutical industry’s common tropes: leaning into warm hues and elevating radiant imagery that honors patients, standing out against corporate and clinical peers. We took care to ensure that every element of the identity would not only present Viatris as an emergent leader in the US, but also enable them to scale globally by respectfully speaking to different regions, cultures, and languages.

For the global launch, we served as brand stewards on critical touchpoints to ensure a consistent brand expression. This included an updated website, signage at their headquarters and embedding the new brand across legacy products. The result was a seamless, cost effective and high impact activation that compellingly announced their promise to the world.

After a successful internal rollout that touched and engaged every one of their 45,000 employees, Viatris launched publicly on Nov 17, 2020 with a 10% price increase by closing day.

Through consultation with global markets on the entire product range, we created a navigation-led design system. We then redesigned Teva’s entire packaging portfolio to help support navigation, improve patient safety and build greater brand awareness.

Comprehensive guidelines and training modules were created to ensure the new system could be implemented effectively by local teams and agencies across all product packaging systems.

More than 95% of stakeholders stated that the new packaging provided simple, easy to understand information and that the new design made it easier to differentiate between medicines.


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