Improving the quality
of care for every animal

As the world’s largest animal health company, Zoetis is working to provide quality care at every stage of an animals’ life. With the acquisition of the VETSCAN diagnostics portfolio, they were able to complete their continuum of care, from prediction through genetic analysis and prevention with vaccines to detection with VETSCAN diagnostics and treatment of disease through medicines. To show this expansion of capabilities, Zoetis tapped us to redesign VETSCAN so it could seamlessly integrate into their vast portfolio.

Our work started with the development of VETSCAN’s brand strategy: articulating the ambition of the portfolio to go Beyond Solutions in diagnostics in support at the point of care. Using this as our foundation, we crafted a visual identity inspired that signals the totality in Zoetis’ capabilities, with an intentional notch that signaled direction: What smart diagnostics enables for a practitioner.

The new VETSCAN brand empowers Zoetis to go-to-market with meaningful brand equity. We extended this work across packaging and product design to show intention for care at every moment to create the sense of a comprehensive portfolio that completes the continuum of care – as they can now truly provide care to every animal at every stage of life.


  • Positioning
  • Naming
  • Visual Identity

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