Rebrand with purpose

Having announced its purpose-led strategy for sustainable growth, RB sought to express its journey of transformation by reimagining, recreating and relaunching its brand under the new name ‘Reckitt’. Actively responding to a fast-changing world – and the rapidly evolving role of corporate brands in society.

Driven by its purpose to protect, heal and nurture in the relentless pursuit of a cleaner, healthier world, the new brand is a visible symbol of the next stage in Reckitt’s transformation. It marks a significant step-change and Reckitt’s commitment to make access to hygiene, health and nutrition a right, not a privilege.

In designing the new brand, we built on Reckitt’s rich heritage and its ambition to reach half of the world, through its product brand portfolio, by 2030.

Our work with Reckitt

  • Visual identity
  • Brand narrative
  • Design toolkit
  • Bespoke typeface
  • Brand photo library
  • Brand guidelines
  • Tone of voice guidelines
  • Brand film
  • Digital communications
  • Internal and external launch activation
  • Brand guardianship

A bold, confident and energetic new identity

To bring its purpose to life, the powerfully engaging new brand identity includes new logo, tone of voice, colours, typefaces, photography and icons. Each element has been carefully created to help Reckitt tell its story more clearly and consistently. The strengthened brand will help to reveal the value of Reckitt to the world, with more confidence, energy and humanity than ever before. This is a brand that responds to the challenges of the modern world and recognises its responsibility to protect, heal and nurture.

A new name and logo

The R at the heart of the symbol stands for unity, strength and relentless pursuit, inspired by Reckitt’s purpose to protect, heal and nurture. It denotes Reckitt’s role in the world as a partner and a catalyst for positive transformation. The shell-like quality of the symbol evokes a sense of protection and a reference to the natural world.

An evolved colour palette

The highly distinctive and recognisable ‘Energy Pink’ is Reckitt’s primary brand colour, signifying its relentless energy – while secondary colours reflect its portfolio of products and connection to a cleaner, healthier world.

Bespoke typography

A new, bespoke typeface ‘Energy’ is distinctive, accessible and unique to the Reckitt brand, allowing it to confidently deliver its messages, reinforcing its commitment to making positive change.


New photography principles illustrate how everything Reckitt does is connected; the tangible impact Reckitt has on people’s lives, the strength of its partnerships and its understanding of a changing world.


Distinctive, figurative icons clarify content, improving accessibility and encouraging greater interaction with Reckitt’s messages.

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