A Miami-based mangonificent agency

Recognizing the need to change the agency model in a constantly evolving creative landscape, Havas launched a new agency with a fresh perspective in Miami. The agency was designed to specialize in the convergence of social media, experiential marketing, and brand activation while reflecting its local market, catering to a bespoke set of clients, and attracting younger talent.

With that in mind, we crafted an original blend of vibrancy, edge, and fruitfulness for the brand. The name(‘Mango’), and logo and visual identity (playfully called ‘Lil Mango’) were created to break the mold of traditional agency branding while expressing a lively, juicy, and fun feel.

At its core, Havas Mango is a meaningful representation of its market and the culture that surrounds it, showcasing a young agency brand in an up-and-coming creative community. With its delightful name and refreshing identity, this glowing brand brings a neon light into a sea of average, everyday agencies.

Havas Mango

  • Positioning
  • Naming
  • Visual Identity

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