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As generational interest in design as a profession rises with each graduating class, Design Nation – an all-expenses paid student focused conference – was formed to address the industry remaining largely inaccessible for people of color or those without a conventional pedigree. After four years, many successes and a growing roster of heavy-hitter collaborators, Design Nation approached us to rebrand the conference and enable them to expand their reach to a larger, more diverse array of students.

Through a collaborative process purposefully led by younger, rising talent at Conran Design Group, we crafted a logo and surrounding system that embodied the unapologetic energy of the ambitious students we hoped to attract. Type-driven and bold, the identity when applied is able to serve as a badge of honor participants could wear and show that they are proudly part of the Design Nation, regardless of who they are or their background.

To better reach students, we recognized the importance of creating a brand that could work hard across the most important outreach channels, which are predominantly social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. We also knew that the annual conference identity must evolve annually to reflect the current culture – so the end result was a flexible system that ensured coherence across digital channels but also provided opportunity for customization year after year.

Design Nation

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