Achieving brand standout

Your brand’s name and visual identity represent what type of business you are and presents your offer to the world. We’ve helped create, develop and define some of the world’s most iconic brands for the last 60 years.

Names have an important role in connecting all parts of the brand experience, across all parts of an organisation and its offer, helping the people identify and create meaning. A comprehensive naming process can help to build distinctive meaning into the brand, communicating the new brand direction. Our rigorous, time-proven naming process is both strategic and creative, with multiple stages of validation to improve the probability of success.

Our offer

  • Naming territories
  • Name generation
  • Pre-screening
  • Linguistic checks
  • Domain name strategy 
  • Trademarking

A snapshot of our recent work

A digital-first finance brand

Reimagining personal cybersecurity

Developing category distinction

“Not everything is in a name…but a lot! Whether a company, brand, product or even a molecule, we help organisations create, trademark and establish the names that help them make meaningful connections with their audiences.”

Kiely Simm – Account Director

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