What a no-deal Brexit could mean for the UK’s technology sector

A no-deal Brexit is looming, and could spell uncertainty for many working in the UK's tech industry.

8 August 2018

Comment by Dominic Zammit, Head of Digital


Theresa May announced in March that the UK would be leaving the Digital Single Market in 2019, an EU-wide strategy adopted in May 2015 designed to encourage cross-border e-commerce, robust cyber security and reliable infrastructures. Instead, the UK would be granted an all-encompassing free-trade agreement, she said.

A lack of a Brexit deal would mean all free-trade agreements disappear into the ether and – perhaps more worryingly for tech companies on both sides of the Channel – any moves to secure data-sharing rights between the UK and the EU will be off the table, Dominic Zammit, head of digital at the Conran Design Group, said. 'While in the short term this may present an opportunity for players outside of the EU, the longer-term impact on innovation, as well as social and economic development, could be profound, not just within the UK, but worldwide', he says. However, the UK may be granted adequacy to continue sharing data throughout the EU, bolstered by its reputation as a world leader in data privacy.

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