Threading the naming needle

Deconstructing the challenges of naming in a digital, global marketplace

NEW YORK: 11 June 2018

New York: Prudent marketing professionals today understand that a brand’s name is among its most important assets and needs to accomplish many things.

While names are expected to concisely deliver a brand’s message, they are also asked to perform an array of key tasks, such as: building meaning, selling products, identifying features, conveying emotion, suggesting benefits, describing attributes, assisting navigation, explaining the relationship with another brand or creating desire. Clearly, names do a lot of heavy lifting and that is why it is said that ‘Naming is the First, Great Public Act of Branding’.

Given the primacy of naming in today’s marketing mix, it is helpful to examine why naming can be such an uphill battle. The following insights shed light as to the many challenges that exist along the way, and the possible approaches to success.



David is responsible for building and growing the branding and design offer in North America.

A brand consulting veteran with more than two decades of experience at firms such as Landor and Siegel+Gale, David also worked in client-side marketing at Unilever and Time Warner.

He brings a deep understanding of branding in multiple industries across research, strategy, naming, identity design and packaging.