Packaging and the principles of disruption

Harnessing design to achieve retail breakthrough

NEW YORK: 10 July 2018

We all lead very busy lives and the details of our day-to-day journeys are often fleeting – blending, as a matter of course, into the ‘noise’ that surrounds us.

It’s not that we (consumers) are not paying attention, it’s more a function of the strain our increasingly digital world has placed on society’s already limited cognitive abilities. Compound this with the fact that people today are inundated with choices, offers, trade-offs – it’s no wonder life can become a blur.



David is responsible for building and growing the branding and design offer in North America.

A brand consulting veteran with more than two decades of experience at firms such as Landor and Siegel+Gale, David also worked in client-side marketing at Unilever and Time Warner.

He brings a deep understanding of branding in multiple industries across research, strategy, naming, identity design and packaging.