Evolutionary approach for Cow & Gate

Conran delivers a modern positioning for Cow & Gate Eazypack milk packaging

3 October 2018

The Cow & Gate business tasked Conran Design Group with redesigning its EaZypack baby and toddler milk packaging and baby food portfolios to better reflect its core brand purpose and beliefs: authenticity, nature inspired design and instinctive parenting.

Launching this month, the new designs aim to ensure that the brand substantiates its modern positioning as the baby food brand that believes that little ones are happiest when they’re brought up naturally and developing at their own pace.

The creative challenge was to provide an evolutionary not revolutionary approach, so that parents’ on-shelf product recognition was not affected. Conran introduced subtle updates to the brand logo to modernise the mark. The packaging color palette was evolved from primary red to gradients of ‘nature's greens’ to introduce a more 'fresh-like' feel. The Cow & Gate Team wanted clear differentiation between seven baby & toddler milk products to help parents buy the correct one, so clear on-pack navigation was core to the creative solution.

Conran activated the following on-pack:
- Centered the type to make the product name more prominent and easy-to-read.
- Introduced the green arc colour palette.
- Evolved the colour coding solution, defining differentiation between packs for clear and easy navigation.
- Evolved the on-pack character to change with each baby and toddler milk stage: e.g. resting under a blanket for stage 1, sits up with a bib for stage 2 and stands up wearing a T-shirt on the stage 3 & 4.
- The approximate number of serving information was added to the front of pack to help parents at purchasing time.
- Added a stronger silver strip to the specialist milks (comfort and anti-reflux) to help differentiate and give a more special feel.

Thom Newton, CEO and Managing Partner, Conran Design Group, said: “This was a particularly challenging brief because we needed to improve and evolve the current assets in an impactful way, but in way that wasn’t too drastic and wouldn’t affect the parents' recognition of products on the shelf. As well as this, we had to keep harmonisation and consistency with the entire Cow & Gate brand front of mind during the creative process.”

“Working with Conran Design Group on the happy cow project has been a pleasure. A pleasure because it’s an intense project with many artworks to change in so little time, but with the professionalism, creativity and project management skills of the team, they have made it an enjoyable journey. Conran has really understood our brand and contributed immensely to the brand evolution that we are going through today. The new designs look absolutely amazing and I’m so excited to see them in stores!”Simmone Yau, Brand Manager, Cow & Gate Baby and Toddler Milks Team.

EaZypack baby and toddler milk portfolio
Infant journey stage

Stage 1 (birth-6 months)- First Infant Milk, Infant Milk for Hungrier Babies
Stage 2 (6-12 months)- Follow On Milk
Stage 3 (1-2 years)- Growing Up Milk
Stage 4 (2-3 years)- Growing Up Milk

Specialist Milks (from birth)- Comfort, Anti-reflux