Award nominations for Conran

Six nominations for our corporate and digital work

6 September 2018

This autumn will be an exciting time for Conran, because we have been nominated for five awards at the Corporate & Financial Awards and one award at the Digital Impact Awards. Results will be revealed in September and October respectively.

Digital Impact Awards
Glencore: ‘Best Corporate Website'

Corporate & Financial Awards
Croda:‘Best CSR Report’
Glencore:‘Best Corporate Website', FTSE 100’category
Inmarsat:‘Best Printed Report, FTSE 250’category
Intertek: Best Printed Report, FTSE 100’category
Intu:‘Best CSR Report’

The awards
The Corporate & Financial awards programme, run by Communicate Magazine, recognises companies with innovative and creative communications strategies that communicate to multiple stakeholders with a single distinct voice.

The Digital Impact Awards set the industry-wide benchmark in digital stakeholder engagement. The event honours the best corporate digital communications work in Europe.