The biggest graphic design trends for 2019

What's heading our way next year?

Trends are easy to identify a few years after they’ve happened. But they’re notoriously difficult to spot at the time. For its new issue (#287), Computer Arts spoke to a wide range of creatives, from diverse disciplines and at different levels, at creative studios across the world, to hear their takes on the trends heading our way in 2019. 

Striving for simplicity

There’s been a broad trend towards simplicity in design for some years now, and it shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, as we live more of our lives on apps and websites, it seems only to be accelerating.

“Consumers are now used to seeing a flatter, cleaner, uncluttered design aesthetic in the apps and sites they use,” says Alastair Holmes, associate creative director at This Place. “So it makes sense that companies should want to reflect this in their overall branding.”

Examples abound. “Burberry recently turned heads with a bold step in typographic simplicity, cutting ties with the elegant graphic ornament of the past and adopting a timeless, grotesque approach to its new identity,” notes Lee Hoddy, creative partner at Conran Design Group. 

The full article is published in CreativeBloq.