Building a convenience
retail offer

Business challenge

Working with Shell since 1996, we have gained a unique understanding of the brand. We act as its global brand guardian across the retail portfolio and have recently created the new Shell SELECT Generation 5 store format. We also work across the range of Shell sub-brands from those seen at the forecourt such as Recharge to new ventures such as Shell Energy, its venture into the domestic and commercial energy supply market. Alongside the Shell SELECT Gen 5 store format, we developed the fresh food and drink offer, Deli by Shell, which is critical to delivering its retail strategy of generating equal revenue from fuel and non-fuel by 2025.


We were commissioned to create a new in-store experience – creating a distinct identity with Deli by Shell and also humanising the customer experience, while ensuring that it is sustainable, digital and flexible enough to work across more than 30 markets worldwide. Our solution’s flexible modular approach enables markets to tailor the design to their needs while maintaining powerful brand consistency. To support the global rollout, we developed a suite of guidelines covering everything from branding and tone of voice, to packaging, environments, uniforms and merchandising.


Capturing attention and changing perceptions about Shell’s on-the-move food and drink options, Deli by Shell has positively impacted the wider Shell brand. We also operate the Retail On Brand and Deli Offer On Brand services, which work in tandem with our guidelines to offer specific feedback to markets’ internal teams and external agencies. A highly successful solution, it provides remarkable flexibility while ensuring crucial global consistency.

Our work with Shell

  • Visual identity
  • Brand and policy guidelines
  • Brand guardianship
  • Retail environments
  • Workplace environments
  • Packaging
  • Events
  • Film and animation
  • Annual reporting
  • Sustainability reporting

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