Creating category

Business challenge

Global animal health company Zoetis commissioned us to develop the brand for its new breakthrough veterinary diagnostics platform. The product required a name, visual identity, packaging, and brand guidelines that would express its high-tech, accurate, valuable yet simple product attributes, while aligning perfectly with the Zoetis master brand.


Our in-depth naming process coined the name Carysta, which supports the desired brand perceptions and provides unique standout. We then brought Carysta to life through a modern bespoke wordmark, underpinned by an elegant minimalist creative approach. Our solution not only ensures synergy with the master brand, but also connects seamlessly with the product design.


Carysta has achieved distinctive standout within the animal health category, with the name and branding proving memorable and appealing to the veterinarians who are the product’s key audience. With a visual identity that’s carefully calibrated to support the aesthetics of the product design and connect to the master brand, Carysta is a powerful addition to the Zoetis portfolio. 

Our work with Carysta

  • Naming
  • Brand identity
  • Packaging
  • Brand guidelines

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