how we do it


Working collaboratively and utilising design throughout the process enables us to more effectively challenge assumptions, tackle issues, and generate the most meaningful solutions. This is working By Design rather than simply delivering design.


We have built our approach on the belief that the most compelling brand solutions come through partnership and collaboration.

We employ creative materials to help raise issues and find solutions to brand challenges. Only by ‘co-creating’ the brand solutions with client teams and external stakeholders can we ensure that any ensuing creative will have support/buy-in and last in the long term.

DNA Workshops

At the heart of our approach are our DNA workshops. They are the platform on which most of our projects are built. Each workshop is tailored to the specific needs of the client and the brief. The process is creative, uncomplicated and very effective at surfacing the key issues in order to more quickly facilitate an effective solution. The outputs form the basis of the creative brief that we work to for the rest of the project.


Our approach to research is focused on uncovering the story that will add depth to our work. Design is used throughout the process to help audiences better understand the challenge and the potential of change. We work to understand audience needs, wants and the barriers to interaction. This informs the design direction and is used to validate all areas of communications, from naming and brand identity to packaging and environments.

Corporate reporting content workshops

To communicate your corporate story effectively, you need a clear, compelling and joined-up narrative to support your investment proposition.

Through our content workshops, we can help you identify your key messages and create a structured plan that includes the detailed information and proof points to underpin them.

We look at emerging good practice in corporate reporting, tailored for your particular needs, and keep you up-to-date with regulatory developments to give you confidence that your report is meeting all the relevant requirements.

We can also work with you to explore the needs of your different audiences and develop a balanced, targeted approach to messaging that keeps your communications relevant across all the channels you use.