how we do it


Connecting to a network of creativity, data and technology helps make sure we are designing for audiences of the future.


We are part of the Havas Group and frequently partner with agencies in the network to deliver integrated communications solutions.

As part of the Group we also have access to a wide range of insights, trends and global resources.

Meaningful Brands

Meaningful Brands® is Havas Media Group's index that measures the potential business benefits gained by a brand when it is seen to improve our wellbeing and quality of life. Trust is no longer enough. Meaningfulness is now the key brand driver in our organic world.

Meaningful Brands® is the only conclusive global framework that unites both financial tracking and brand health measurement tools to calculate brand success.

The meaningfulness of brands is more important than ever. People want brands to improve their lives and the lives of the people they care about.

Brands that focus on improving society, and on making our lives easier and healthier, gain a greater share of our existence and receive higher levels of engagement and trust in return. Meaningful Brands® shows us that there is a huge disconnect between people and brand. Most people would not care if 74% of all brands disappeared for good. Being a trusted brand has not stemmed the disconnect.

Conran Design Group brings true design intelligence and a sophisticated approach to brand identity that elevates work to another level.

Mark Whelan, Chief Creative Officer, Havas UK

Create, Share, and Learn

Create, Share, and Learn is only a new name for what we’ve always done within the Havas Group. It also happens to be the three things we are each tasked with, to ensure the best possible work.

Generate innovative ideas and bring them to life through amazing work.
Choose the best methods and channels to deliver the work to the world.
Ask the right question and gather the right data to form insights that help us create and share even better work.

We can’t do one without the others. Our creative has to be rooted in how it will be shared. How we share has to be appropriate for the work and mindful of what data we’ll collect. And what we learn from that data has to impact anything we do next.